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The 4-Star Rating System

June 14, 2011

Here at Cine-cool Reviews, we have a four-star rating system. By we, we mean film critic M.A. Moreno, of course. The system is quite simple:

**** = Strongly Recommended

*** = Mildly Recommended

** = Mildly Not Recommended

* = Strongly Not Recommended

Mr. Moreno does not use half-stars, since any further categories of recommendation would be quite pointless (how can you half-recommend something?!). A four-star review is not reserved for the motion pictures of Bergman and Fellini, nor does a one-star rating suggest one of the worst movies ever made. These are simple, unpretentious guides to the appeal of the film, not classifications of the movie’s greater value to the cinematic canon (since who can really make that call, honestly?). In other words, Citizen Kane and Ghostbusters can both chill in the same four-star category.

A four-star film is recommended for everyone (and pretty much a must-own for anyone who likes films of its sort). A three-star film is strongly recommended for those interested in the film (say, for instance, a fan of the genre under which the film falls) and mildly recommended for those who would otherwise not pursue the film (weekend afternoon TV fodder, perhaps, or a spontaneous rental). A two-star review is mildly recommended to the curious and not recommended to the disinterested (a mediocre but less-than-awful slasher flick, maybe?). A one-star film promises to disappoint everyone (but is not necessarily incompetent in all aspects of production).


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